8/3/2017 - APHRODITE REINVENTED - REINVENT YOURSELF - A New Era of Redefined Feminism

Dear Friends,

Some years ago, when I created the concept of APHRODITE REINVENTED - without even immediately realizing it - I came across with a REDEFINITION of FEMININITY and FEMINISM. I wrote a small text, which defines ' The Eternal Woman Spirit, Beauty and Power Heading Bravely to the Future'. Today, I would like to share once again this Redefinition with you, on the occasion of The International Women's Day and because I believe that, more than ever, such a Redefinition is strongly needed, due to the challenges Women face all over the World:

' From the golden Mediterranean shores of Cyprus to the cosmopolitan Pacific Californian beaches and from the Atlantic endless white sand line to the clear blue Aegean waters, here she comes, born from the sea foam*, Aphrodite, the eternal Woman Symbol.

Fantasy or Reality? Myth or History? Spirit or Nature? A Woman or a Goddess? Whatever you name her, she is here. She is each one of us. She is in our past, our present and our future. Sophisticated and Beautiful, Creative and Inspiring, Loving and Giving, Faithful and Devoted, Fearless and Independent . A Woman of Vision and Dignity - Aphrodite Reinvented... '

And Men? We certainly love them and need them...but we need the good Men - as much as they need the good Women!

Happy Women' s Day with good Men by our side!


Christina CH

*According to Hesiod' s 'Theogony', goddess Aphrodite, The Greek goddess of Love and Beauty, was born from the sea foam - 'aphros' in Greek - near the City of Paphos, Cyprus. The word Aphro-dite in Greek means 'Risen from the foam'.

Photo: Christina wearing The Pendant 'REINVENT YOURSELF ', Top and Skirt from THE BRITELINE upcoming Line 'SIMPLY APHRODITE'.

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