8/4/2016 - RAYS AND WAVES of our Lives

“ Rays and Waves ” is a yachting line theme, inspired by the Beauty, Light and Colors of the Athens Riviera of my beautiful Country, Hellas.

Here, the bright rays of the sun shine durring most of the year and a blue sea of all possible shades embraces the biggest part of the Attic Peninsula, which projects into the Aegean Sea.

This yachting theme is characterized by strong symbolic patterns and powerful messages connected to the navigation of our personal life journey - The Sun Rays which throw their light and warmth on our life path and the Sea Waves which might get a bit rough from time to time...

So, “Let the Rays be Brite

and the Waves easy to ride”.


Christina CH

Photo: ' Rays of Light, Waves of Love ' Silk scarf and plexiglass cuff bracelet.

Especially designed for FASHION for LIFE initiative - Portion of the sales benefit the cause of the palliative care Unit 'Jeny Karezi '

of the Medical School, University of Athens.

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